Ichiban Sushi

Ichiban Sushi

My cousin, Jennifer Lam, an international photography awards winner has invited me to try this Japanese restaurant which is located at AMK Hub for dinner. She told me this Ichiban Sushi’s food is nice to eat and worth to try. Since we returned from Japan, we quite missed Japanese food, so this was a good decision to go there for dinner.

As she was the first one to reach the restaurant, she started to queue there around 7.30PM while I rushed back to AMK from work. When I reached at the restaurant located at Level 2, the queue was pretty long already.
Ichiban SushiAfter some 20 minutes of waiting, we were served and seated near the window’s area. It was pretty hard to decide what to eat, so we just ordered hot green tea first.

Finally, I simply picked 2 plates of sushi from the menu to try out.
Ichiban Sushi

Chasoba and Katsu Don Wazen

I ordered Chasoba and Katsu Don Wazen as my main course. I think I have not gotten over with the cold soba yet. I wanted to reminisce the Japan cold soba that I tried. This set came with chicken katsu don. It is a combination of rice and noodle and you see how big the portion is. Guess, I was too greedy back then because the set also included a bowl of soup and fruits.

Following the actual cold soba eating, I added some wasabi into the soy sauce before I dipped the green soba into the sauce. It would be very yummy if the soba was colder. Then, the chicken katsu don were yummy too but it was a little dry for me. The rice and chicken portion was generous enough. It was just like 1.5 of its size. I think I was really greedy back then!
Ichiban Sushi
I was trying hard to finish both of it but I failed to finish the soba as I did not want to waste the rice so much.

My cousin ordered the salmon set which consisted of raw salmon and grilled salmon. Her portion was good enough and it was not heavy as mine. Her set came with a bowl of chawanmushi and fruits.
Ichiban Sushi

It was really satisfying dinner but sadly, I could not finish my soba and rice. I will not order so much next time. By the time we finished our food it was around 9PM and we took a walk around the mall before going back home.

Location :  AMK Hub #02-01 53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, Singapore 569933.


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