Ajisen Ramen

Ajisen Ramen at AMK Hub

Another Japanese food discovery at AMK Hub on my second trip down to Singapore office in June 2013. It was really wonderful to have dinner with my cousin, Jen Lam. She chose the Seafood Ramen with Fried Sotong. It was a dinner set meal that came with a drink too. Here, they do not have free flow tea as what we can enjoy in Japan 🙂
Ajisen Ramen
Sorry for the bad picture. It did not show much ingredients inside the ramen besides the boiled egg and bean sprouts. However, their soup base tasted good.
Ajisen Ramen
This Fried Sotong is another good choice. The fried squids were crispy and well tasted.

Then, my dinner was Scallops Ramen with octopus. It gave pretty generous amount of medium sized scallops with half of the boiled egg and bean sprouts. The octopus is the normal type of octopus that we can find in most sushi restaurant.
Ajisen Ramen
Ajisen Ramen

My cousin told me to try to put some chilli’s flakes into the soup to make it even nicer and I did. It did bring out a stronger taste.

Besides our main dinner sets, we ordered an additional side dish which was the Gyoza. It is a normal type of Gyoza. It was a very filling and great dinner on that night.
Ajisen Ramen

Location: AMK Hub, 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 #02-19/21, Ang Mo Kio, Singapore.


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