Fast Food, Western Food


A&W – American Fast Food Chain

I was invited to join for lunch at A&W on one of the weekend. It has been very long time I did not eat A&W since after the closure of the shop at KLCC’s branch. We went to the Taman Jaya’s branch which is located not far from the Taman Jaya LRT station.

We used the voucher bought from the Internet to buy the waffle set with a Root Beer. Sadly, the drink did not come with ice-cream float, if not, it would be the perfect match.A&W
We have to wait almost 20 minutes for our waffle to be ready. I am not sure if there were a lot of people ordering the waffle or it was just slow service at the waffle counter. So, while waiting, we drank our Root Beer. Oh! Childhood memories came back all of sudden 🙂A&W
Our long-waited waffle finally served on our table. It was nicely placed for us to take this picture, front and back design. They gave us butter and honey and we quickly poured on it and started eating. Slight disappointment on the quality of the waffle. We felt the waffle should be cooked for a little longer as it was a bit soft.

Location : 9 Lorong Sultan, Section 52, Taman Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.


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