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Manhattan Fish Market

Manhattan Fish Market

It was a so-called team lunch with another colleague and my boss. We chose to order from the set menu for 1+2.

Mushroom soup
Manhattan Fish Market
Simple soup of the day. It was just nice and creamy.

Gummy Bear
Manhattan Fish Market
I have no idea what Gummy Bear drink is and a quick search from the Google, it shows me a cutey green creature. When it was served, it was in blue colour. I think it might be some cocktail drink… possible?


As our appetizer, it was just a normal garden salad with salad dressing.

Scallop Americana

Sweet and juicy scallops sautéed with capsicums with a hint of black pepper makes this a wonderful pasta to savor. It was a little oily as you could see the oil left on the plate after finished eating it. However, the taste was good and appetizing.

Fisherman’s Platter

Delight in a crispy whole fish or your choice between barramundi or tilapia, covered in savory Spicy Seafood dip, accompanied by the delicious Manhattan Flaming Prawns, Garlic Herb mussels and crispy whitebait.

It was very big in portion with rice, fries and vegetables too. It was very filling especially the fries and rice. The taste of this dish was average for me.

Location : LG-060 Lower Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Lingakaran Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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