It was a farewell lunch of a colleague of another department and I joined in to have lunch together. The manager suggested to go to Canton-I after the first choice of restaurant was full house. Canton-I is just like any other Hong Kong style’s restaurants, offers mainly Hong Kong delicacies such as roasted pork, barbecue pork, wanton noodle and etc. At Canton-I, you can find roasted duck too.

I ordered the Shrimps Wanton Noodle and I tried to compare it with the few wanton noodles that I have tried in Hong Kong. The number of shrimps wanton is the same as the normal wanton noodle that we can find in Hong Kong. Four pieces of big shrimps wanton. It was fresh, crispy and well tasted.

Next, the noodle was a little to the disappointment. I expected it to be springy when it was served and will not turn soaked so fast. However, the noodle was a little soaked when it was served. The soup based was too oily and I did not try it. I ate quickly to avoid the noodle became soggy.

Someone told me before that the soup cannot be too hot as it will affect the noodle’s texture when it is served. So, is it true?

Yes, this is what I expected, see below:

I ate this wanton noodle at one of the restaurants in Central, Hong Kong. The soup was clear and just enough to soak the noodle and the texture of the noodle was springy.

Address: LG-202 & 203A, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens, Midvalley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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