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Cicerello’s Mandurah, WA.

I was very exciting to experience again eating fish and chip with vinegar and salt days before my departure to Perth for holidays. Since, we were making a pit-stop at Mandurah and Cicerello has a branch there, I suggested to my friends to have our lunch before continue our journey to Margaret River.
We ordered the family pack and shared among six of us. It was very big portion and lucky enough we did not order add on.
You must be thinking what does it consist right? Well, this family pack came with six battered fish, salt and pepper squids, four dim sims, four pineapple fritters, four crab sticks, four mini sausages and fries. It is really a lot of fried food.

This round, I was a little a bit disappointed with the food’s quality. I was not sure whether it was because it was too much or the food dropped its standard. I was not enjoy eating this fish and ship as how I did last time in Fremantle.

Location : 73 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah, Western Australia 6210.


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