The second restaurant that I would like to write is Ori-Udon. It is a pretty new shop locates at Lower Ground, The Gardens, Mid Valley. I went there with my brother for dinner, one of the less people restaurant at 7+PM. So, do not expect it is a great one as compared to Sushi Zen next door.

At first glance, this shop is operated mostly by the foreigners and I did not see any “sifu” in the open concept kitchen. It just sells seven different selections of the Japanese Udon and some simple side dishes. Below is the part of the menu.

I ordered the Niku Udon Chicken (Cold). What I can say about it? The portion looked quite generous. The taste was just average, just enough to fill up my stomach.

Most of the udon selection comes with either chicken or beef and you can opt for cold noodle too.

Niku Udon Chicken (Cold)

Meanwhile, my brother ordered the House Special with Egg (Hot). A plain udon noodle with some vegetable and egg. It was more plain and simple than mine. I was quite surprised that this bowl of noodle called House Special.

House Special with Egg (Hot)


It is not recommended to order this mochi if you are looking for desserts.

Location : LGK-01, Lower Ground, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Ambience : No crowd during my visit and quiet.
Overall : 1/5. I am giving it 1 point for its price which below RM10.00 and no crowd during peak hours.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oriudonmvg

*Rating is between 1-5 with 1, the lowest and 5, the highest. The rating is based on my personal preferences.


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