MOS Burger

MOS Burger

Another lunch date with a colleague from another department. She buzzed me earlier, asking if we could go for a lunch together. I said, sure. She asked me to think where to go for lunch, so we decided to go to MOS Burger which is located opposite of the office building. While we waited for our burgers, we talked about the trip to Japan. It was really a nice day to spend with my colleague.

Tobikiri Wagyu Burger

Mos burger
I ordered the new burger, the Tobikiri Wagyu Burger to try. It consists a patty of Wagyu beef, an egg and some salad. And, this was how they served the burger to me. It was not wrapped in the paper It was almost exactly like what you see from the advertisement. I felt a little hard to eat the burger as I tried not to open my mouth widely, haha 🙂

The wagyu beef was succulent. I just felt a little bit odd to have an fried egg inside the burger. It was like the Ninja Joe that I tried in The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur. It was very filling after finished this burger. The service at this stall somehow, I feel it needs to improve as the waiting time is quite long.

Fish Burger
Mos Burger
The fish burger is just another normal fish burger.

Make people happy through food.

Location: 4 Tampines Central 5 #B1-K1 Tampines Mall, Singapore.
Ambience: Small area, not many queue during late lunch.
Rate: 3/5. It is really worth to give a try to eat this burger, the portion is good enough and it is delicious.

*Rating is between 1-5 with 1, the lowest and 5, the highest. The rating is based on my personal preferences

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

After a walk at Botanical Garden on the Saturday’s morning, we headed to Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe which is located at Plaza Singapore, Orchard Road. It is a Hong Kong style restaurant and it has quite a lot of branches in Singapore.

Since it was an early dinner, I decided to try the famous Hong Kong style’s Yin Yong (mixed coffee with tea). Uniquely, this yin yong serves in the stainless steel mug. I could not recall if Hong Kong serves Yin Yong in the same way.
Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

Each time visiting Hong Kong style restaurant, I will order the wanton noodle to try. It is something like testing the chef’s skill. The wanton noodle was ordinary only. I did not take a nice picture of the wanton noodle that I ate. I tried to search online to get the similar picture and it is so hard to get one. Maybe, it is not their signature dish.

My cousin ordered the Chicken Chop. I was a little bit shocked to see the chicken chop was so small piece. Even, the chicken chop that she ate at food court is bigger than this! I took the fries and it was a bit hard (not crunchy type), looked like over-fried.
Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

We also ordered Fried Wanton. It is lucky to have ordered this as the chicken chop portion is quite small. This fried wanton was pretty okay. It was crispy and went well with the sauce. It saved our dinner 🙂
Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe
Maybe, next time we need to choose our food wisely.

Location: #06-08/10, Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, Singapore.
Ambience: Nice, quiet and spacious.
Rating: 2/5. Unique presentation for the drink and the food is just on it average standard.

Fish & Co

I whatapps-ed two of my good “brothers” for a dinner with me on Friday’s night at AMK Hub. They came down to AMK after they finished work and we decided to try Fish & Co since most of the restaurants were full house. So, it would be better that we just queued rather than kept surveying.

After waited for quite long, probably 20-30 minutes, we were greeted and seated at a table next to the glass window oversaw the main road. Since we are not heavy eaters, we decided to order the Seafood Platter for 2 persons and shared among three of us.
Fish & Co

Seafood Platter
It comes with grilled prawns, white fish, grilled calamari and blue mussels in lemon garlic butter sauce served with paella rice and chips. As the pictures showed 10 prawns on the platter, so I did a count on my platter too and yes, it has 10 prawns, haha 🙂
Fish & Co
The portion of 2 persons are definitely good enough to share by three person because with rice and chips, they can make you feel very full. Besides that, they gave two big pieces of white fish and it would be great if you dip it into the tartar sauce. I also quite liked the grilled calamari too. Overall, this platter tasted pretty okay, neither overly cooked nor too oily or salty.

We ordered a drink which I have forgotten its name. It was a mixed with coke and it was really nice to drink but I could not take more than two glasses. I was too full. We continued to chat until it was about 10PM before we made our way back home.
Fish & Co
It was a really great catch up with both of them. Sometimes, there are things that I thought I have been too sensitive on it or over-thought on the matters. They assured me that it was normal and it was what they have experienced too.

Maybe, it is part of life.

Location: #02-03, AMK Hub, 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Singapore.
Ambience: Moderate. Nice view if you get to sit next to the glass window. It is a good place to have great lunch / dinner with a group of people.
Rating: 4/5. It is given to the good services experience (except long queue), nice environment, sumptuous platter.

Casuarina Curry Restaurant

I went to a walk at the Lower Pierce Reservoir at Upper Thomson Road with my cousin who specially took a day off to spend time with me. I really happy that day. It was a really relaxing and adventurous walk for both of us.

Before we began our walk on that lovely morning, we stopped by at Casuarina Curry Restaurant for a roti prata. She highly recommended me to try this roti prata which is located at Casuarina Road, near the reservoir.

Roti Prata with egg and onions

I ordered a combination of egg and onions with fish curry. Oh, yum yum… The curry tasted and smelt great. It was thick enough and I dipped the roti prata into the curry. Everything was blended to its perfection. The curry was not too spicy, just right for my preferences.

Iced Teh-O

I wrapped my breakfast with a glass of iced teh-o. Well, the teh-o was really a teh-o (without a pinch of sugar added) as I could taste the difference between teh-o in Kuala Lumpur.

After the wonderful breakfast, we began our journey in the reservoir which is located not far from this restaurant.

Location : 138 Casuarina Road, Singapore.
Ambience : Moderate and not crowded. Maybe, it is because it was a weekday.
Overall : 3/5. Satisfied with their food quality and services.

*Rating is between 1-5 with 1, the lowest and 5, the highest. The rating is based on my personal preferences.

Old Airport Road Food Centre

Welcome back! For the second entry, I would love to write about this “die die must eat” fried kway teow that I saw at Old Airport Road Food Centre. I went there after I have done with some work at Tampines and I headed down to Mountbatten MRT.

Lao Fu Zi Fried Kway Teow

There was a queue when I ordered this fried kway teow. I waited for 15 minutes before I could walk out from the stall and sat down to taste this lovely fried kway teow. I asked to add a little chilli paste into it and yes, it tasted great with enough of “wok hei”. The portion was generous for a small plate and the ingredients were mainly clams and bean sprouts. I have no idea why yellow noodle was added together with kway teow when it said to be fried kway teow. My cousin sat opposite me also smelt it nice.

Sugarcane Juice

Visiting Singapore food court without having the sugarcane juice is not a complete meal for me. I love the sugarcane juice especially drinking it while I am hot or after eating. However, I have to say, the sugarcane juice is quite sweet.

Chicken Chop

Meanwhile, my cousin ordered a chicken chop with a reasonable price.

The chicken chop was quite big piece, juicy and mixed well with black pepper sauce. I tried a few bites and it tasted good and did not over cook. It gave two side dishes of your choice and she chose salad and coleslaw. It was a very filling dinner for both of us.

Location : 51 Old Airport Road, Singapore.
Ambience : Noisy and slightly crowded with people.
Overall : 3/5. It is quite worth to pay a visit to this place. Besides that, this food court does have plenty good food to try such as Prawn Noodle, Soya Bean and etc which I would love to try it during my next visit. In addition, the price ranges are reasonable.

*Rating is between 1-5 with 1, the lowest and 5, the highest. The rating is based on my personal preferences.

Kopitiam Food Court

I was in Singapore for 10 day trip for both leisure and work in January this year. So, I would like to write about Singapore Food for this month entries.

I did not really go into any most famous restaurants or highly recommended restaurants from websites or blogs to eat even though I came across a Singaporean food blogger who wrote some good reviews on some restaurants. I randomly picked up places and went along with some Singaporeans.

The first one I would like to introduce is the food stalls from Kopitiam Food Court which I went there quite often during my working days.

Black Pot Ramen with Fried Fish

Besides fish, they do have chicken and pork and mostly are fried stuff. There is a few noodle selections you can choose from and you can tell how spicy you want for your soup. It took some time for them to prepare the noodle from the black pot which consists of the ramen, half of the boiled egg and some vegetables.

The soup and ramen were quite nice. I am not able to describe what kind of soup it is but it does taste good if you tell them to make it a bit spicy. However, the fried fish was a bit too dry. I am not sure it is because they re-fried the fish to make it hot caused it to become dried.

Ban Mien (Pan Mee)

In Singapore, it is known as ban mien and in Kuala Lumpur, we call it pan mee. Both are the same type of noodle but the ingredients are slightly different. I am quite like eating ban mien in Singapore because they give a lot of noodle and minced pork. Sometimes, I cannot even finish it. However, they do not have wood ear fungus (mok yi) or sliced mushroom that we can get in KL. Besides that, they do not have dried version of ban mien which you can find it in KL too.

The ban mien from this Kopitiam Food Court is not really a nice one, some other food courts could better than this. And if to compare with the normal pan mee that I eat in KL, this one is out!

Location : #04-27/28/29, Tampines Mall, 4 Tampines Central 5, Singapore.
Ambience : Noisy during peak hours and hard to find a place to sit down.
Overall : 3/5. This food court offers quite a lot of food to eat and I believe some others are quite nice too. The given rate is based on these two entries.

*Rating is between 1-5 with 1, the lowest and 5, the highest. The rating is based on my personal preferences.