Kopitiam Food Court

I was in Singapore for 10 day trip for both leisure and work in January this year. So, I would like to write about Singapore Food for this month entries.

I did not really go into any most famous restaurants or highly recommended restaurants from websites or blogs to eat even though I came across a Singaporean food blogger who wrote some good reviews on some restaurants. I randomly picked up places and went along with some Singaporeans.

The first one I would like to introduce is the food stalls from Kopitiam Food Court which I went there quite often during my working days.

Black Pot Ramen with Fried Fish

Besides fish, they do have chicken and pork and mostly are fried stuff. There is a few noodle selections you can choose from and you can tell how spicy you want for your soup. It took some time for them to prepare the noodle from the black pot which consists of the ramen, half of the boiled egg and some vegetables.

The soup and ramen were quite nice. I am not able to describe what kind of soup it is but it does taste good if you tell them to make it a bit spicy. However, the fried fish was a bit too dry. I am not sure it is because they re-fried the fish to make it hot caused it to become dried.

Ban Mien (Pan Mee)

In Singapore, it is known as ban mien and in Kuala Lumpur, we call it pan mee. Both are the same type of noodle but the ingredients are slightly different. I am quite like eating ban mien in Singapore because they give a lot of noodle and minced pork. Sometimes, I cannot even finish it. However, they do not have wood ear fungus (mok yi) or sliced mushroom that we can get in KL. Besides that, they do not have dried version of ban mien which you can find it in KL too.

The ban mien from this Kopitiam Food Court is not really a nice one, some other food courts could better than this. And if to compare with the normal pan mee that I eat in KL, this one is out!

Location : #04-27/28/29, Tampines Mall, 4 Tampines Central 5, Singapore.
Ambience : Noisy during peak hours and hard to find a place to sit down.
Overall : 3/5. This food court offers quite a lot of food to eat and I believe some others are quite nice too. The given rate is based on these two entries.

*Rating is between 1-5 with 1, the lowest and 5, the highest. The rating is based on my personal preferences.

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