Fish & Co

I whatapps-ed two of my good “brothers” for a dinner with me on Friday’s night at AMK Hub. They came down to AMK after they finished work and we decided to try Fish & Co since most of the restaurants were full house. So, it¬†would be better that we just queued rather than kept surveying.

After waited for quite long, probably 20-30 minutes, we were greeted and seated at a table next to the glass window oversaw the main road. Since we are not heavy eaters, we decided to order the Seafood Platter for 2 persons and shared among three of us.
Fish & Co

Seafood Platter
It comes with grilled prawns, white fish, grilled calamari and blue mussels in lemon garlic butter sauce served with paella rice and chips. As the pictures showed 10 prawns on the platter, so I did a count on my platter too and yes, it has 10 prawns, haha ūüôā
Fish & Co
The portion of 2 persons are definitely good enough to share by three person because with rice and chips, they can make you feel very full. Besides that, they gave two big pieces of white fish and it would be great if you dip it into the tartar sauce. I also quite liked the grilled calamari too. Overall, this platter tasted pretty okay, neither overly cooked nor too oily or salty.

We ordered a drink which I have forgotten its name. It was a mixed with coke and it was really nice to drink but I could not take more than two glasses. I was too full. We continued to chat until it was about 10PM before we made our way back home.
Fish & Co
It was a really great catch up with both of them. Sometimes, there are things that I thought I have been too sensitive on it or over-thought on the matters. They assured me that it was normal and it was what they have experienced too.

Maybe, it is part of life.

Location: #02-03, AMK Hub, 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Singapore.
Ambience: Moderate. Nice view if you get to sit next to the glass window. It is a good place to have great lunch / dinner with a group of people.
Rating: 4/5. It is given to the good services experience (except long queue), nice environment, sumptuous platter.