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MOF –  Ministry of Food-My Izakaya

After hours of baking the pineapple tarts, my cousin and I went down to Bugis Junction to hunt for food. There was no queue when we went to this branch. It was our late lunch cum dinner. MOF offers a wide range of food, drink and desserts selection.
After flipping through their menu, we finally placed our orders and it took a little while to serve our drink and then, our food. I think it is not dinner time yet so, the service is quite fast.


Having a weird name, we can guess it might have a weird taste too. Yes, it is pretty sour when I tried my first sip.

A Pot of Green Tea

I did not expect they serve me with a big pot of green tea, as it was just for 1 person serving. It was kept warm under a burning candle. It was a classy way of presentation. The taste of the green tea was strong. Thumb up!

Seafood Tonkatsu Ramen

I ordered the Tonkatsu Ramen in pork soup. The first thing I tried when they served me the ramen was the milky pork soup. Yes, I liked the broth so much and tasted good on my first sip of the broth.
The ingredients inside were pretty generous portion and cooked near to its perfection or rather my level of perfection. I quite liked that they put the fried garlic on top because it did make the entire bowl of ramen smelt fragrant. I almost could finish the whole bowl of soup. I was very full that night.

I would definitely come back to try others.

Location : #02-45, Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street, Singapore.
Ambience : Space, good for group gathering and some of the corner seats can be quite quiet and some seats are al-fresco style.
Rating : 3/5. Good food, good environment and good services. The menu has various selections to choose.


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