Astons Express

Astons Express

I was supposed to meet up my friend in Singapore who was working in Singapore at that time. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it when she contacted me in the afternoon. So, I texted my cousin, asking her to have dinner together since she mentioned to me in the morning that she was not interested to go for the evening’s outing that day.

It was really eating chicken for the whole day. After the Arnold’s Chicken in the lunch time, I ordered the Teriyaki Chicken from Astons Express which is located at Singapore Post Office Centre. The set comes with two side dishes of your choices. So, I chose the Mac and Cheese and salad.
Aston Express
Aston Express
Meanwhile, my cousin ordered, Lemon Lime Chicken Chop. Both costs SGD7.90 each. I would say it is pretty reasonable price and the portion is generous as well. However, it would be great if they give us more sauce. Overall taste is okay. I quite liked the Mac and Cheese as it is very cheesy!

Location : #B2-08, Singapore Post Centre, 10 Eunos Road 8, Singapore. (Kopitiam’s Food Court)
Ambiance : Typical food court environment. At night, it is not many people around and very easy to find place to sit.
Rating : 2/5. It would be great if there is more sauces. Reasonable price.

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