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Tank, Fish and Chippery

Lygon Street, Melbourne, VIC. Tank, Fish and Chippery

I went to Melbourne recently for a long holiday. Departing from Singapore at 10.50PM and reached Melbourne around 8.00AM in the morning. After checked into the backpackers hostel, my cousin and I went out for a city tour.

During our late lunch, we walked along the Lygon Street to look for fish and chips. Lygon Street has a lot of restaurant with various type of cuisines. We stopped at this simple white-colour-designed fish and chips shop to have our lunch, The Tank, Fish and Chippery.

We both ordered the Old School Fish and Chips, Tank Packs and sat at the bench outside of the shop. While waiting for it to be served, I took this picture.
Tank, Fish and Chippery
Tank, Fish and Chippery
Not long after, the fish and chips were served by a beautiful young lady.
Tank, Fish and Chippery

First thing first, we took a picture of the food and tagged the location in the Facebook. Then, we started our lunch. Personally, I do feel the fries in Australia are big in sizes compared to the fries that we have in Asia. It came with two pieces of fish. Generous amount of fish and fries. It was a delicious fish and chips, the tartar sauce was nice, I think they made their own sauce. I felt very full after finished it.

Address: 149-151 Lygon Street Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3053 Facebook: Ambience: Simple designed shop by the corner of the road, quiet and clean. Rating: 4/5. It is worth for money to try this fish and chips and enjoy the nice setting at this tiny shop.

*Rating is between 1-5 with 1, the lowest and 5, the highest. The rating is based on my personal preferences.


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