New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice

1977 New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice

I went to try this restaurant with another two of my colleagues during the lunch time. I did not revisit this restaurant since after its re-opening in Mid Valley Megamall. It used to be located at the Boulevard building before moving to the Level 3 in Mid Valley Megamall.

We ordered the set lunch which came with a drink. My colleague ordered the Roasted Chicken and Roasted Pork with Rice set.
New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice
And another colleague and myself ordered the Chicken Hor Fun.
New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice
I personally, do not really prefer to eat steamed chicken and this noodle appeared to be quite little chicken meat and it has a lot of fat. I did not really like it at all. It came with two big pork balls and some vegetable. Simple but oily.

Location : T-013D & 061 , Third Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ambience : It has two storey, if you are in big group, you can go to upstairs. Overall, it is quite and not crowded.
Rating : 1/5. For me, it is just a normal food that we can get in food court which does not need to come with such a high price. It is overpriced.


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