Sakae Sushi

The second back-dated entry that I would like to write is Sakae Sushi. Someone commented to me this restaurant was expensive and not worth to try and asked me to avoid it. So, I gave a try on this restaurant to prove the statement.

Sakae Sushi Century Square :
I went for dinner with my colleague. We ordered the Teriyaki Chicken and Salmon ala carte and shared it eventually. I think the waiter made a mistake to our orders. By looking at the portion of both meats, I do feel that is pretty little even if we did not share it. So, if the waiter did not make mistake on our orders, I would have just gotten two tiny sliced Teriyaki Salmon. I ordered the fried garlic rice to try and it turned out to be okay to me.
sakae sushi
We shared both of our food and thoughts on that night. The overall of the food is closed to perfection. However, it was just too small portion.

Location: Century Square, #B1-02/03, 2 Tampines Central 5, Singapore.
Ambience: Quiet, no crowd.
Rating: 2/5. There are plenty rooms for improvements for this restaurant. It needs to improve to attract more crowds.


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