Crystal Jade Kitchen

Crystal Jade Kitchen

Wanton Noodle
It was almost the same taste as the Hong Kong ones but the noodle was not springy enough. The four wantons were big and the soup was plain.

Roasted Duck
My colleague did order the half of the roasted duck for their porridge and unfortunately, I neither try nor ask if the duck was nice. By looking at the duck, it did give me an impression its skin was crispy and the meat was juicy.

Location: Tampines Mall #B1-1, Singapore.
Ambience: Cosy restaurant with nice Chinese decorations. It is suitable to have lunch or dinner for a big group of people and it is easy to look for place during peak hours (there was no crowd when we went into this restaurant).
Rating: 3/5. Up to standard and generous wantons for my noodle. The feedback from the rest of the colleagues were good.


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