Lola’s Cafe

Lola’s Cafe

I was brought to this cafe for brunch last two weeks. It was my first time trying this cafe. When we reached the cafe, it was full house and was told to leave our contact and they would call us when table is available. After waiting for a while, they called and we got a place inside the cafe.

We ordered the Lola’s Full Monty Breakfast with a cup of Caffe Latte. I loved the sausage very much with bacon, ham and toast. It also came with scrambled egg.

I seldom take picture from top-down view
Lola's Cafe
A closer view of the breakfast.
Lola's Cafe
The breakfast was great and filling. Although the environment of this cafe was a bit noisy and crowded, it was still a great place to be as the cafe was nicely decorated. Unfortunately, I was too concentrating on chatting with my friend and did not take any of the pictures of the cafe.

Do not worry, there will be next visit!

Location: 5 Simon Road, Singapore.
Ambience: Noisy, crowded with people, comfy place with nice decorations.
Rating: 3/5. Food is tasted nice, big portion and filling. Services are fast and responsive.

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Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee

It was a late night coffee time at the Changi International Airport, Singapore. It was also my first time trying other coffee brands besides the common ones such as Starbucks and Coffee Bean.

It was quite funny to drink coffee at late night, however, the caffeine content would not affect my sleeping mode., I chose to drink the Iced Mocha. Maybe it was at wrong hour, it did not bring up the taste I always like. I should try again next time.

According to the Costa Coffee’s website, each cup of Costa Coffee is made using their special blend of Mocha Italia beans that have been slow-roasted in their Costa Roastery in London

Location: Terminal 3, Level 2, #02-59, Departure/Transit Lounge North, Changi International Airport, Singapore.
Ambience: Quiet as it was mid night time when I visited the coffee shop. It is the only shop that open 24 hours.
Rate: 2/5. This rate is only given to this late night first-timer. I believe in my next post, I will be able to give more accurate review on this coffee shop.

Block 724 AMK Food Court

Block 724 AMK Food Court

Another try in Ang Mo Kio Food Court as well, but this time it was at Block 724 where I tried the Wanton Noodle. It has a pretty long queue sometimes. I think the 2 main reasons are the food is cheap and the noodle is nice.

Wanton Noodle
It was cooked al-dente. For $2.50, this is a decent meal, where you can get char siew and 3 wanton with vegetables. The soup is not oily and I do not add white pepper. I would prefer if they put a bit dark soy sauce.

Location: Block 724 Ang Mo Kio Food Court, Singapore.
Ambience: Big and spacious food court and various food to choose from.
Rating: 3/5. It is a rating for this noodle. Best one for me so far.

Block 162 AMK Ave 4 Food Court

Block 162 AMK Ave 4 Food Court

Food court is where you can find cheapest food in Singapore. This entry talks about the food court at Block 162 AMK Ave 4 Food Court. So far, I have identified two stalls that sell good food with reasonable price.

Chicken Rice
The stall is located at the corner lot of the middle lane, faced the terrace house on the right side of the stall. It runs by two person, probably they are husband and wife. It has roasted chicken and steamed chicken to choose and it comes with a small bowl of chicken soup.

It tasted quite okay for me taste bud and yes, it must go with the thick, dark soy sauce with chili sauce. Somehow, I did try to eat without the dark soy sauce and to some people, it looked very odd. This is really Singapore’s style.

Prawn Noodle
It offers 3 different sizes and prices’ ranging from $2.50 -$3.50. The broth could be originally made of prawns’ heads boiled for hours. It’s not oily. Generous amount of ingredients and all were fresh. This stalls is located at the middle of the first row if you walk down from the POSB and AXS machines. It runs by an elderly couple and if you are late, you could see them pasted the word “Sold Out” on their pictures.

There is two more stalls with long queue which I have not tried before. Will give it a try when visit the food court again where the queue is long too long to wait.

Location:Block 162, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 Food Court, Singapore.
Ambience: Food court ambience, where noise is always there. Need to be patience to get people to clear the tables.
Rate: 3/5. The food for the above is very worth to give a try and even if there is a long queue.

Nam Nam Noodle Bar

Nam Nam Noodle Bar

I was brought to try this Vietnamese restaurant by my cousin. It was the first time I stepped into Vietnamese restaurant after the closure of the Vietnamese restaurant in Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur few years back.

I ordered the basic dish to try, Pho with chicken. Wow, the broth was so aromatic, strong with spices and it wasn’t oily. It tasted good but I don’t know how authentic it is. Satisfied for my first time experience. Worthy to give a try.

You can eat with sauces available on the table which I do not know if it is suitable to put into Pho. I tried with its original taste. The Hoisin sauce is the most commonly I saw but have not given a try at all.
This is a set meal which comes with a drink of your choice (either Vietnam Black Coffee, Vietnam Coffee with Condensed Milk or Lotus Tea).

Lotus Tea
The Lotus tea was aromatic and nice to drink when it was hot. I did a quick research on lotus tea and it said that lotus tea can help people to feel calm and de-stress.
Interiors of the restaurant. There are plenty of 2-seated, 4-seated and 6-seated tables. It was pretty crowded during the dinner time, so be earlier to avoid long queue.
Location: #B1-131, Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore.
Ambience: Crowded and quite noisy.
Rating: 4/5. Pho is very nice, aromatic and satisfying. The food and drink and services are good and waiters are attentive. Worth to try.