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Block 162 AMK Ave 4 Food Court

Block 162 AMK Ave 4 Food Court

Food court is where you can find cheapest food in Singapore. This entry talks about the food court at Block 162 AMK Ave 4 Food Court. So far, I have identified two stalls that sell good food with reasonable price.

Chicken Rice
The stall is located at the corner lot of the middle lane, faced the terrace house on the right side of the stall. It runs by two person, probably they are husband and wife. It has roasted chicken and steamed chicken to choose and it comes with a small bowl of chicken soup.

It tasted quite okay for me taste bud and yes, it must go with the thick, dark soy sauce with chili sauce. Somehow, I did try to eat without the dark soy sauce and to some people, it looked very odd. This is really Singapore’s style.

Prawn Noodle
It offers 3 different sizes and prices’ ranging from $2.50 -$3.50. The broth could be originally made of prawns’ heads boiled for hours. It’s not oily. Generous amount of ingredients and all were fresh. This stalls is located at the middle of the first row if you walk down from the POSB and AXS machines. It runs by an elderly couple and if you are late, you could see them pasted the word “Sold Out” on their pictures.

There is two more stalls with long queue which I have not tried before. Will give it a try when visit the food court again where the queue is long too long to wait.

Location:Block 162, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 Food Court, Singapore.
Ambience: Food court ambience, where noise is always there. Need to be patience to get people to clear the tables.
Rate: 3/5. The food for the above is very worth to give a try and even if there is a long queue.


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