Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee

It was a late night coffee time at the Changi International Airport, Singapore. It was also my first time trying other coffee brands besides the common ones such as Starbucks and Coffee Bean.

It was quite funny to drink coffee at late night, however, the caffeine content would not affect my sleeping mode., I chose to drink the Iced Mocha. Maybe it was at wrong hour, it did not bring up the taste I always like. I should try again next time.

According to the Costa Coffee’s website, each cup of Costa Coffee is made using their special blend of Mocha Italia beans that have been slow-roasted in their Costa Roastery in London

Location: Terminal 3, Level 2, #02-59, Departure/Transit Lounge North, Changi International Airport, Singapore.
Ambience: Quiet as it was mid night time when I visited the coffee shop. It is the only shop that open 24 hours.
Rate: 2/5. This rate is only given to this late night first-timer. I believe in my next post, I will be able to give more accurate review on this coffee shop.


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