Lola’s Cafe

Lola’s Cafe

I was brought to this cafe for brunch last two weeks. It was my first time trying this cafe. When we reached the cafe, it was full house and was told to leave our contact and they would call us when table is available. After waiting for a while, they called and we got a place inside the cafe.

We ordered the Lola’s Full Monty Breakfast with a cup of Caffe Latte. I loved the sausage very much with bacon, ham and toast. It also came with scrambled egg.

I seldom take picture from top-down view
Lola's Cafe
A closer view of the breakfast.
Lola's Cafe
The breakfast was great and filling. Although the environment of this cafe was a bit noisy and crowded, it was still a great place to be as the cafe was nicely decorated. Unfortunately, I was too concentrating on chatting with my friend and did not take any of the pictures of the cafe.

Do not worry, there will be next visit!

Location: 5 Simon Road, Singapore.
Ambience: Noisy, crowded with people, comfy place with nice decorations.
Rating: 3/5. Food is tasted nice, big portion and filling. Services are fast and responsive.

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