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Caffe Pascucci

Caffe Pascucci (카페 파스쿠찌)

On my second day in Seoul, we met up at the lobby and headed down the road for breakfast. We stopped by few cafes before we ended up at this cafe. It was pretty crowded at 8.30AM. And, we sat at one of the corner before we placed our orders. It was my big breakfast, where I chose the Panini Toast Set with coffee. By default, they gave Americano, however, I ordered Coffee Latte with addition 500 won charges.

The Panini was super cheesy as you can see the cheese was melting onto the plate. It gave a lot of ham as well with egg. It was a very filling breakfast which I think it can be shared with two persons. It tasted good with the half toasted bread.
Caffe Pascucci
As for the Latte, it was great. I guess, it is best for me to drink Latte in the morning, when it brings up the best taste.
Caffe Pascucci

Since, we were about time to leave at 9.15AM to wait at the nearest train station, I quickly finished my breakfast and left the cafe with my coffee. We did not have much time to spare at the cafe. Walking toward the station with a cuppa of hot coffee during that time was pretty warm. It was an interesting experience as I have never tried to walk in the street with a cup of coffee. Haha.

Ambiance: Great place to be, even at the time we visited the cafe was crowded but, it was not too noisy.
Rating: 3/5. Superb breakfast, the services were still okay even though the cashier was not really able to converse in English. The waiting time for the food and drink at that hour was a little long due to the crowd, so if you are take-away, it might save your time.


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