Halal Food, Lunch & Afternoon Tea

Old Town White Coffee

I am really sorry for being absence for two weeks. I was travelling back to my home country, Malaysia for work related stuff and run for the Standard Chartered Marathon held on 12 October 2014 in Kuala Lumpur. It has been a hectic week, however, it was full of joys and I got to meet a few new friends.

Since, I am back to Kuala Lumpur, I would like to write some of the places that I visited during my stay. First and foremost, The Old Town White Coffee. There is nothing spectacular that I would like to start writing it first.

I was here on the Deepavali’s public holiday with my aunt and there was no crowd at 1.00PM. We settled down and ordered the set lunch meal.

Dry Chilli Pan Mee

Old Town White Coffee
The Dry Chilli Pan Mee from this restaurant is almost similar as the normal Pan Mee that we eat at Chinese coffee-shops or food courts. The differences are the type of the noodle and additional egg. In Singapore, it is common to add egg into the Pan Mee and this type of noodle they called it as U-mian. I will write the Singapore style of Pan Mee in the near future to compare the differences.

I asked the chili flakes to be separated from the noodle so that I can add in according to my level of spiciness and mix all the ingredients together before eating it. It tastes good with the chili flakes, does not look oily and generous amount of ingredients, which consists of minced chicken, sliced mushrooms, egg, vegetables, anchovies, some spring onions and fried onions. It comes with a bowl of soup too.

It is one of the good selections to choose from their set lunch menu and it comes with a drink of your choice. The Iced Lemon Tea with less ice is our common drink. We also ordered the Kaya and Butter Toast and ala-carte Dry Curry Chicken Hor Fun. The waiter told us that the hor fun was not available, so we chose meehoon and I did not take a picture of it.

Another disappointment is the dry curry chicken did not have much curry taste. They put too much of dark soya sauce and it covered the curry taste. I hope they can improve it.

Iced Lemon Tea and Kaya and Butter Toast

Old Town White Coffee
There is no complaint for the drink and snack. It is done to its perfection. Simple and nice.

Location: 26, Jalan Jejaka 7, Taman Maluri, Kuala Lumpur.
Ambiance: No crowd when we visited the place. The service was quite fast and the waiters were attentive to our orders.
Rating: 2.5/5. It is due to some disappointments on their food for this visit.


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