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I am looking for something to post for this month of November. Anything that is fast and instant. So, fast food posts will be a great theme for this month. Top of my fast food chart is Popeye.

Fish Bites with Cajun Rice
I bought the Popeye’s Groupon voucher and got this promotion set that came with a drink. The fish bites are tasted okay, same standard as their chicken. I am not sure if they are selling chicken bites. The Cajun rice is tasted okay too, but just a little dry for me. I think they have other better options beside this.

Chicken Tender Set
It comes with two pieces of boneless chicken meat, a bun and fries. I like their fries compared to other fast food brands. Their mashed potatoes is nice too because of the gravy. But, I do not like their bun which is hard and rough, I prefer soft ones. This set comes with soft drink of your choice.
It is a big and filling.

Location: Century Square, 2, Tampines Central 5, #05-14, Singapore.
Ambiance: Spacious and won’t feel crowded during the lunch time.
Rating: 3/5. Worth to try if you are looking for fast food other than McDonald and KFC.


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