Fast Food, Lunch & Afternoon Tea, Singapore - Tampines, Singaporean Food, Western Food

Long John Silver’s

The second choice of fast food will be Long John Silver’s. For this set you will have 2 pieces of fried chicken or 1 piece of fish of your choice, some fries and a soft drink. The chicken or fish is fried until golden and crispy. It does not look very oily. They put some chili powder on top to make it tastes spicy. You can go without the chili powder as it tastes good enough.
Long John Silver's
They always serve the popping hot chicken or fish as though they fry the chicken or fish when you order it. It maintains the food quality well.

Location: Tampines Mall, 4 Tampines Central 5, #04-23/24/25, Singapore
Ambiance: Normal environment, clean, limited seating place during lunch time.
Rating: 3/5. It is worth to eat when it has promotion as the price is reasonable.


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