It is Swensen’s again! Well, it is very hard to find one back in Malaysia and we have one very nearby to my office at Tampines Mall. We went there for dinner this time, and there was a long queue as usual. We waited for a while before we got seated. And we got a seat facing the kitchen, at one of the corner seat. Good and bad, as you can see the food is ready but it is not yours!


Root Beer
I ordered my Root Beer that night 🙂
Creamy Mushroom Soup
My friend ordered this as his appetizer. It looks very yummy, right. A creamy mushroom soup. This is good enough to be main course.
We also ordered spaghetti, sadly I cannot recall its name. It could be shrimps with mushrooms spaghetti.
Mega Burger
A gigantic burger with layers of juicy beef patty, chicken ham, turkey bacon, grilled vegetables, onions and melted cheese topped off with a fried egg!
It is a description copied from the Swensen’s website. I did not notice it has so much meat~ It served with fries and coleslaw. Slowly and surely, my friend can finish it together with the creamy mushroom soup. I really need to salute to him.

The service is a bit slow because of dinner crowd. The portion of the food is generous and maintains its standard. It is worth to eat here with a group of friends.

Location: Tampines Mall, 4 Tampines Central 5, #03-30, Singapore.
Ambiance: Crowded during dinner time, even I went for lunch time, however, the restaurant is very spacious. It is a great place to celebrate birthday because they do sell cake and on your birth date, you are entitle to get a piece of cake.
Rating: 4/5. Worth for the waiting time and long queue. Generous portion with good quality of food. Wide range of selection for food and desserts.


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