Lenas, under MOF (Ministry of Food)
It was my birthday celebration!. The earlier celebration was at Swensen’s, Mandalay Style and Thai Express. We went out for a late lunch, I guessed, it was about 2.00PM when we were free to go for lunch.
Upon reaching the restaurant, there was no queue and quite empty. So, we did not have to wait for long for our food to be served.

Smoked Salmon Spaghetti with Cream Sauce
It looks really creamy for me and I can smell the strong taste when it is served.
Grilled Fish with Salad
I wanted to eat fish and I ordered it. The fish is grilled to its perfection and it tastes good. I do not have to add salt or pepper for extra taste. It comes with salads and sauce.
Seafood Set with an Fried Egg
It comes with has 2 prawns, half grilled fish and a baked potato. It is most expensive fried egg that she ever had.
Location: #03-K1/K2, Tampines 1, 10 Tampines Central 1. Singapore.
Ambiance: Great atmosphere as it is quite empty during our visit. The space is spacious.
Rating: 4/5. The food is tasted good, perfect for my taste bud and the services are great and staff is very attentive to our orders.


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