Crystal Jade

Crystal Jade
My lunch buddy wants to have porridge for lunch and we went to Crystal Jade for a bowl of smoothly cooked plain porridge. If you want to have porridge at posh restaurant, Crystal Jade is one of the good choices.

Plain Porridge
Even it is a plain porridge, it does have fragrant. So, you can either eat it plain or you can order extra side dishes. I added some salt and pepper into my porridge for extra taste.

Steamed Barbecue Pork Bun
And, I also ordered a side dish. I wanted to try their char siew bao (steamed barbecue pork bun). Everywhere we visit a Chinese restaurant, it is good to try their steamed barbecue bun if they do sell. This one, yes, it is very nice. I love it very much.

The meat inside the bun is very juicy, minimal fat and the bun is chewy. It is good to eat while it is still hot.

Lotus Buns
Other side dish that you can consider to order is the lotus buns. Three tiny buns with colorful designs.

Roasted Chicken
If you are big eater, you can always get a half roasted chicken to eat with your porridge or other side dishes. You can get roasted duck too! I think both roasted chicken and duck are good as per my friends comments.

Eating in Crystal Jade for a certain dishes is still affordable and worthy. Will always come back for their porridge with barbecue pork buns!
Crystal Jade
Location: #B1-11, Tampines Mall, 4 Tampines Central 5, Singapore.
Ambiance: A spacious restaurant where you can have big group of people eating together. It is fine for smaller group too.
Rating: 4/5. Worth to try their porridge and barbecue pork bun. Also can try out their roasted chicken or duck. Service is a little bit slow when we try to call the waitresses.


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