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Mr You Tiao

Mr Yao Tiao, Century Square, Tampines, Singapore.
It was Halloween’s night, I went out for dinner with my colleague after work. He shared some of his knowledge with me and so, we decided to eat dinner together and continue the knowledge sharing.

It is my second visit to this stall which offers quite nice curry chicken set.
Mr Yao Tiao
Curry Chicken Rice Set
I tried Curry Chicken rice set and it comes with a glass of Soyabean. It gave a drumstick, half of the you tiao and egg. You can choose the type of you tiao that you like. They have three different types. The curry tastes very good, thick and aromatic. If you wish, you can dip the you tiao into the curry sauce before eating it.
Mt You Tiao
Mr You Tiao
Assam Chicken Set
Maybe this is an odd one. It is very strong assam taste and nice. It is a little weird if you want to dip the you tian into the assam sauce.
Mr You Tiao
Mr You Tiao
Overall, eating at this stall is quite worthy and reasonable prices. It is one of the good places to have lunch or dinner with reasonable price. It is not crowded too. However, I am not sure if it is because we go for late lunch.

Location: #B1-18/19, Century Sqaure, 2 Tampines Central 5, Singapore.
Ambiance: Quiet. clean and a lot of table even it is at small area.
Rating: 4/5. Worth to try their curry chicken set. Something odd will be the Assam chicken set. Self-service at counter.


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