Capitol Satay

Capitol Satay, Malacca, Malaysia.

We wanted to try this satay celup, even though we know it would be a long queue. We queued almost two hours for our table. I can say, we queue for dinner and eat as supper. However, it is still worthy for the time.
Capitol Satay
Why do I say so? It is still maintaining its original recipe, taste and cooking method. I cannot be sure there is no recycling of satay sauce as per claimed, however, so far after few times of trying it, we did not see them doing so and no “alien objects” was found when the pot of satay sauce was placed on our table.
Capitol Satay
So, let us start eating, although hungry, I did not take many and still choose a few ingredients that I liked. I liked the beancurb puff and it is able to absorb the sauce very well. I chose the Taiwanese sausage instead of normal chicken sausage and some prawns. It is really filling after a few rounds of dipping.
Capitol Satay

Location: 41, Lorong Bukit Cina, Malacca, Malaysia.
Ambiance: Small shop, crowded and hot.
Rating: 4/5. Thick, original and authentic satay sauce. Although, it is pricey and long hours of queuing, it is still satisfying.


2 thoughts on “Capitol Satay

  1. We’re just standing and waiting by the road side 😦
    There is another shop opposite this shop, putting up some chairs for people to sit and wait.

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