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Coffee And Toast

Coffee And Toast, Tampines Mall, Singapore.

Calling colleague for breakfast after skipping my usual breakfast at home before start working. I stayed late the night before to prepare for data migration work and woke up at normal hours to go to work.
Coffee and Toast
It is my first visit to this shop in Tampines, it is hardly to see me go for breakfast outside. It has a nice environment, spacious, quiet and located at the side way between Tampines Mall and Century Square.
Coffee and Toast
Both of us ordered the same set which comes with half-boiled eggs, coffee or tea and toasts.
Coffee and Toast
Two lovely half-boiled eggs, and hot tea. It is good to pour some soya sauce and put some pepper into the half-boiled eggs before mixing the egg’s yolks.
Coffee and Toast
And, my preferable way of eating toast is dipping the toast into the half-boiled eggs. It seems to be a perfect match for me. Of course, many of us would prefer to eat the crispy toasted bread alone.
Coffee and Toast
This is a very filling breakfast and it is good to start working now 🙂

Location: #01-45, Tampines Mall, 4, Tampines Central 5, Singapore
Ambiance: Nice, quiet, spacious and relaxing corner. It is not noisy during the time I visited the place.
Rating: 3/5. This breakfast set is worthy to give a try. Although, it might be slightly expensive for such simple breakfast which can be made from home, we can save the hassle of preparing the half-boiled eggs and toast.

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