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A&W, Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca, Malaysia.
This fast food outlet is getting lesser and lesser in Malaysia. I missed the chance to have it in Taman Jaya. I tried it again in Malacca’s branch. It is quite a lot of people still liking A&W and there was a birthday party on the night I visited the fast food outlet in Dataran Pahlawan.
Coney Dog Set
Each time visit A&W, either I will choose the coney dog or the waffles. For dinner, I go for Coney Dog set with curly fries and root beer. I did not add float ( ice cream ) but they are  kind enough to add for free ^^ ( It was added by accidentally ).
It is very satisfying eating it, you can choose either to have chicken or beef for the burger and drinking the cold root beer. Full, very full, I wish to go back for waffle on another day.

Location: BD-007 & BD-093a. Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, Jalan Merdeka Bandar Hilir Melaka, Malaysia.
Ambiance: Spacious outlet and not crowded even through that night this outlet was having a birthday party.
Rating: 5/5. Maybe it is a little expensive to eat here compared to other fast food such as McDonald and KFC. However, the unique part of A&W is the root beer, where only here served the best root beer. Some people said that their fried chicken is also nice besides the waffles and coney dog.


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