Pasta Zanmai

Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur.
I just realised that I did not write enough review for Pasta Zanmai which was first introduced by my brother. He asked for a dinner at Pasta Zanmai in Mid Valley sometimes back in Year 2011.

I was introduced to this yummy-licious restaurant and fell in love since then. It is because of their set meals which allow us to try many different dishes. Here is some of the set meals that I tried so far.

For the first visit, we tried these sets:-
Mini Ebi Ika no Spicy Pasta with small mushrooms, prawns and squids. I like this pasta, cooked al-dente.
Pasta Zanmai
Mini Chicken Onsen Tamago Pizza
Another good try is this pizza with half-cooked egg at the middle of the pizza.
Pasta Zanmai
Kaki Kimuchi Pasta. I hope I get the right name, it is a soup based pasta where they use the kimchi broth.
Pasta Zanmai
Tori Karaage Garlic Rice It comes with four pieces of fried chicken breast meat. The fried chicken is well-marinated before fried. The garlic fried rice is aromatic and it comes with some salad. It is not very oily meal.
Pasta Zanmai
For just two set meals we got so much food on our table,
Pasta Zanmai
We also ordered the Itachoco Monaka a biscuit with vanilla ice cream and chocolate fillings. I guess we just too greedy for our first visit. However, do not worry, this set meal portion is not big. You can finish it by yourself or share it with another person.
Pasta Zanmai
Months later we try again at this restaurant. We tried another two different set meals. Another soup based pasta that we tried, Mini Asari Wafu Soup Pasta uses the mini shortneck clam. The soup is nice.
Pasta Zanmai
Mini Kani Avocado Gomadare Pasta consists of crabmeat and avocado. It uses the sesame sauce as the based of the pasta. It has a strong sesame taste.
Pasta Zanmai
Mini Unagi Omi Rice. It is a garlic fried rice topped with roasted unagi and omelette. It served with miso soup.
Pasta Zanmai

And, we ordered the same pizza again,
Pasta ZanmaiPasta Zanmai gave me the best memories of all restaurants in Mid Valley. Here is the place where we celebrated the best moments together, even farewell also held it here and some occasional lunch with friends. Other set meals that I have tried,
Pasta ZanmaiPasta Zanmai
Pasta Zanmai
Pasta Zanmai
My previous visit was before 2014 Chinese New Year, where the lou sang took place with some ex-colleagues.
Pasta Zanmai
Pasta Zanmai

Location: F-051, 1st Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.
Ambiance: Spacious and private.
Rating: 5/5. Wonderful place to have lunch and dinner with sumptuous delicious food to be chosen. It is a great place for gathering with friends and families too. The food is great and the services too.


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