Last weekend was a wonderful weekend because it was my friend Matthew’s wedding in Kuala Lumpur. It was a simple-yet-grand wedding, I wish them a happy marriage! Also, at another side of the world, there was another wedding ceremony took place at Yorkshire, England, Jay Chou with his bride.

Okay, let us talk about food now. There are some backlogs for this month and I will try to finish it by end of this month.

I tried the Chabuton, prestigious ramen restaurant that shaken up Japan and Thailand. According to another blogger’s entry, Chabuton’s Chef Yasuji Morizumi, the world’s first ramen chef to receive a Michelin star, opens his second outlet in Singapore at Tampines 1.  (Quoted from

I came across this restaurant by accident because of my friend who came to Singapore to visit and have lunch with me wanted to try this restaurant when we were heading to Thai restaurant. I did not notice the great story behind this restaurant until I start writing this blog. *paiseh*
Both of us ordered the same set lunch, the Chabuton Tonkotsu Ramen which comes with one side dish, dessert and drink. It is one of their signature dishes and it is recommended by their staff as well.

From its top view, you can see they put a lot of fried garlic and sesame. It does make it smell great and the aroma from the fried garlic makes it really the ramen to its perfection. If you wish, you can add more sesame too. If you wish to add spiciness into your ramen, you can add the kara spicy minced pork with minimal charges.

The broth is rich, so I believe it takes long hours to simmer this great broth. And, one good news, if you wish to add soup, you are freely request for more soup, and if you wish to add noodle, you can request too, at minimal charges. The ramen cooked al-dente. They give one sliced of char siew.

We ordered the Chicken Tatsuda Age and Gyoza as the side dishes. Both are recommended by the staff too.
The fried chicken is nicely marinated and crispy. however, I do not prefer the Gyoza. It is not up to an average Gyoza that we can eat it elsewhere. Although, the staff advised us to dip it into the three-mixed-sauces, still it does not up to a level.
There are other side dishes that you can add on if you wish too. Since, I thought it would be once and for all, we just ordered the Ajitsuke Tamago (Soft Boiled Egg) and Buta Kakuni (Braised Pork Belly). The soft boiled egg is a little disappointed because it is slightly over-cooked, however, the pork belly is great. I do not eat it normally, I just took a small bite to taste.

We complete our lunch with the dessert, mochi which comes with different favours. Overall, the food here is nice and there are some side dishes need to improve to make it more perfect.

The restaurant is a great place for family and group gathering because it is spacious. The staffs are very attentive and give us a lot of suggestions and asked for our feedback too. It is worth to give a try and definitely will come back again.

Location: 10 Tampines Central 1 #02-09/10 Tampines 1 Singapore.
Ambiance: Level of noisiness is minimal, spacious and you can feel private too when it is not crowded.
Rating: 4/5. The signature ramen is prefect, just need to improve on the side dishes to make it 100% perfect.


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