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Pulau Ketam Yong Tau Foo

Pulau Ketam Yong Tau Foo is one of the few stalls that sell yong tau foo in Mid Valley and The Gardens Mall. It is the best yong tau foo stall among the rest of it. It is because of the yong tau foo itself. It is big piece, stuffed with generous meat, instantly and freshly made at their tiny little stall in Lower Ground of The Gardens Mall.
Pulau Ketam Yong Tau Foo
Their set lunch comes with a glass of drink. You can choose either to have 3 or 5 pieces. If you wish to order ala-crate, you can do so. Either you choose to have plain soup, curry based soup or sesame sauce, they are nice and tasty. I prefer the curry soup and sesame sauce. The aroma of the curry soup is irresistible and it goes well with the meehoon and hor fun. Chee cheung fun goes well with sesame sauce and they put a lot of white sesame too.

I used to eat here very often with my customer services team and their manager. It was a great time where we spent time together and talked for all sort of things during the lunch time.

Address: LG-K-13B, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.
Ambiance: Noisy and crowded area. The eating place is very limited at this corner. And there is a lot of people queuing for yong tau foo during lunch time. It is either you go there very early before lunch or slightly late during lunch time.
Rating: 4/5. Wide ranges of yong tau foo selection, curry soup is aromatic, still value for money and it is a place where you can pay less than RM10.00 for a lunch.

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Tony Roma

Last month, I went to my colleague’s wedding dinner and I got to meet up with a lot of ex-colleagues as well as current colleagues. Also, got to meet a college friend there. The world is pretty small and it is wonderful to meet them again.

Shortly after the wedding dinner over, I planned another small gathering with another 4 of them when I came back for a talk. The first suggested dinner place was Chili’s and it was full house when we reached. So, we went down to Lower Ground to find other restaurants.

Our final destination is Tomy Roma. As we went through the menu, we decided to order for ourselves instead of sharing. I know the portion is pretty big, haha, I really hope I can finish it up. And, I chose burger.

Big Stack Burger
It is really big burger which consists of a beef patty 70% cooked, bacon with fries. It is really huge. It has been quite a long time I did not eat such a big burger.
Tony Roma
Hmm, the beef patty is juicy and tender. As the double cheese melt on it, it tastes delicious. I keep eating the burger and the fries got ignored. However, my friend helped me on the fries. Hehe…
Cranberry Mojito, by mistake, I thought it is the juice. Hey, how come did not alert me and I truly feel blurred and confused when it served to me as cranberry juice…
Tony Roma

Location: LG217, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Ambiance: Spacious, can accommodate large group of people but it is a bit noisy when it is crowded.
Rating: 4/5. Great dinner, nice burger. I am not sure if this worth for the price, however, it is delicious.

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Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is pretty common that everyone can find it in shopping center. It may not be the best pizza in town, however, it serves the basic needs. Usually, it comes with set meals with a pizza of your choice, a soup of the day, and a drink.

They do offer set lunch and I tried them too. BBQ Chicken. Simple and just topped with BBQ sauce. Ingredients are not many which include cubed chicken meat, button mushrooms, capsicum and onions.
Pizza Hut
Besides pizza, they do serve spaghetti and cheese baked meatballs. It is part of their innovation to bring in new selections into their menu. This is how the Cheese Baked Meatballs look like.
Pizza Hut
It is cheesy and full with tomatoes puree. They give 8 chicken meatballs and if you want to change it to beef, you can request too. I am not sure if this selection is still available in their menu. For spaghetti, it is not so appealing and I cannot recall what this spaghetti is. I tried it very long ago.
Pizza Hut

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It is pretty sorry for a sudden last minutes catch up with a friend. It is after working hour and I have an hour to spend before heading for a talk in Bangsar. Nu Sentral in KL Sentral is just opened and I walked around there and it is a big shopping centre. We headed up to the top floor and settled down at McCafe instead of keep looking around for a place.

We ordered a cup of Cappuccino and an Iced Latte with a brownie.
Correct me if I were wrong, the brownie supposed to be served warm and soft textured. However, this brownie was not warm enough inside the microwave and the texture was hard. I was quite surprised through. Last time, I tried the brownie from Secret Recipe was great.

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McDonald Breakfast Set

Whenever I go to McDonald for breakfast, there are few things that I ordered usually. First and foremost, it is the Sausage McMuffin with Egg set which comes with hash brown and an Arabica coffee or Lipton Tea.
While searching through my album, I found the Malay’s packing for Sausage McMuffin,
I am really lovin’ it! It never failed me.
The muffin is nicer than the KFC’s or Burger King’s ones.

Next is the porridge. It is quite thick, with chicken but sometimes the shredded or cubed chicken is quite little and you can ask them to add. Of course, check it at the counter before I leave. They put in some sesame oil to make the porridge smells nice and it added some flavour.
There was one time I tried their Grilled Chicken and it turned out to be so-so taste only. The chicken is a little dry and lack of sauce.
One of the good benefits eating in McDonald is free refill for coffee and free wifi.