Breakfast & Brunch, Fast Food

McDonald Breakfast Set

Whenever I go to McDonald for breakfast, there are few things that I ordered usually. First and foremost, it is the Sausage McMuffin with Egg set which comes with hash brown and an Arabica coffee or Lipton Tea.
While searching through my album, I found the Malay’s packing for Sausage McMuffin,
I am really lovin’ it! It never failed me.
The muffin is nicer than the KFC’s or Burger King’s ones.

Next is the porridge. It is quite thick, with chicken but sometimes the shredded or cubed chicken is quite little and you can ask them to add. Of course, check it at the counter before I leave. They put in some sesame oil to make the porridge smells nice and it added some flavour.
There was one time I tried their Grilled Chicken and it turned out to be so-so taste only. The chicken is a little dry and lack of sauce.
One of the good benefits eating in McDonald is free refill for coffee and free wifi.


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