Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is pretty common that everyone can find it in shopping center. It may not be the best pizza in town, however, it serves the basic needs. Usually, it comes with set meals with a pizza of your choice, a soup of the day, and a drink.

They do offer set lunch and I tried them too. BBQ Chicken. Simple and just topped with BBQ sauce. Ingredients are not many which include cubed chicken meat, button mushrooms, capsicum and onions.
Pizza Hut
Besides pizza, they do serve spaghetti and cheese baked meatballs. It is part of their innovation to bring in new selections into their menu. This is how the Cheese Baked Meatballs look like.
Pizza Hut
It is cheesy and full with tomatoes puree. They give 8 chicken meatballs and if you want to change it to beef, you can request too. I am not sure if this selection is still available in their menu. For spaghetti, it is not so appealing and I cannot recall what this spaghetti is. I tried it very long ago.
Pizza Hut

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