Chinese Food, Lunch & Afternoon Tea, Malaysia - Mid Valley, Non-Halal Food

Little Taiwan

Little Taiwan in Mid Valley brings a lot of good memories with ex-colleagues who worked with me in Mid Valley before this. There are some more Little Taiwan’s food photo which I did not share in my previous entries. I would like to introduce it here and sorry they are taken about two or three years ago.

Claypot Lao Shu Fun
I really miss this noodle after my first try eating. Initially, I found it very oily and wet (because of its sauces). However, after the first try, mixing around with the raw egg and the sauce, eating it while it is popping hot, it gives me a different thought of claypot lao shu fun.

Honey Pork Ribs Noodle
I am sorry to my Muslims’ readers, it is a non-halal restaurant. It was taken in Year 2011, and the pork ribs are delicious and juicy.

Salted Chicken Rice
This photo is a bit older than the previous one, it was taken in Year 2011.

I am surprised to find out the branches in Mid Valley has been closed down. Is it true? I cannot find it anymore from their website. To know where is their location, please check out at


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