Charlie Brown Cafe

Charlie Brown Cafe, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, Singapore.
I came across this cafe from Facebook and one of my friend liked their Facebook’s page. I did the same and was rewarded with a $10.00 voucher. I did chat with the “owner” of the cafe via Whatsapp and I decided to head to the city and try this cafe.
Charlie Brown Cafe
After looking through the menu, I ordered the Coffee Latte and Cheesy Fries. The Latte and fries are just normal food and drink that we can get in any cafe. The unique of this cafe is you get a snoopy crafted on your drink instead of the usual ‘Love’ sign.
Charlie Brown Cafe
Address: 8 Grange Road,#04-01 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, Singapore 239695.
Ambiance: Space and quiet at the corner of the shopping centre.
Rating: 2.5/5. It is based on my order on my first visit.

To-gather Cafe

To-gather Cafe, Bedok, Singapore.
Again, we meet up at another cafe. This round my friend brought me to this cafe which is located at the Bedok neighborhood. He told me it is open by his sister’s friend and the price at this cafe is reasonable.

Come, let’s check out what we have ordered.

I got myself a Baked Japanese Curry Rice which I was told it’s quite nice and I did a research online, it is one of the recommendations. So, is great? Yes, it is delicious. The curry taste and sauce are rich and thick, and with the additional cheese on top of the rice, it is near to its perfection. If you are a small eater, the rice portion is just rice and it is filling at a while.
I ordered Iced Chocolate, not a normal drink that I usually order when I go for cafe. I wanted to have something cold and Iced Latte was not my choice. But it looks great too, the Iced Latte.
To-gather Cafe
To-gether Cafe
My friend ordered the Big Breakfast which comes with an fried egg, sausage, potato wedges, bacon and salad. It looks great too and the portion looks reasonable okay. Both the rice and big breakfast costs less than $10.00

The shop is quite crowded during the lunch time, especially on the Saturday when we visited the cafe. And normally, people make bookings.

Address: 84 Bedok North Street 4, # 01-25 / 27, Singapore 460084
Ambiance: Crowded although it has expended to next door. So, better be earlier if you want to have brunch or lunch.
Rating: 4.5/5. Close to perfect.

Yong Tau Foo

Yong Tau Foo

During the recent potluck at my friend’s house, I prepared the Yong Tau Foo for dinner. At first, I just wanted to buy from the wet market instead of making it myself but it was sold out. So, I bought the raw materials such as fish paste (big one) which costs about RM15.00 for 600gram, the bitter gourd, tofu and tofu puff and prepared it myself.

Now I guide you how to prepare the fish paste before start stuffing the fish paste into the bitter gourd or tofu puff. I added extra ingredients into the fish paste which consist of kau choy (Chinese chives) and chopped garlic.Some people prefer to put salted fish, minced pork and water chestnut. This makes the fish paste’s texture better.

To mix the fish paste with the chopped garlic and kau choy, I add a bit water into the fish paste and start stirring. As you stir, you will feel the fish paste is getting thicker, you can add a bit water but not too much. You can add some white pepper.

For the tofu puffs, I poach it in the water to remove the excessive oils and it is half-cooked before I start stuffing the fish paste. I think if you want to poach the bitter gourds in the water, is alright.

After finishing, heat up the pan, add some oils and put the tofu puffs and bitter gourds into the pan to fry them.

Fish Paste
Chopped Garlic
Kau Choy (Chinese chives)
Tofu Puff
Bitter Gourd
White Pepper

Pan-Fried Tofu

Pan-Fried Tofu

It is the most simplest way to cook tofu(beancurd) and keep its original taste of the fresh soy beans. I bought the beancurd from the wet market. I used the square beancurd instead of the siliken tofu or Japanese tofu. This squarish beancurd is a little hard by the outside and it is silky smooth inside. It is great to be pan fried or steamed with light soy sauce with dried shrimps.

For pan-fried, I cut the beancurd into smaller pieces, I divided it into four slices forecast beancurd and just placed into the non stick pan and let it slowly fried until it turned into golden brown color on both sides. I didn’t add any oil into the pan. Also, I didn’t add any salt on the beancurd, just right to taste the fresh beancurd. It is a very healthy cooking style.

Ingredients :
Squarish beancurd

Linguine Pasta with Asparagus

Linguine Pasta with Asparagus and Chicken

I bought the asparagus from the supermarket and wondered how to cook it. It is my first time cooking asparagus. My friends guided me how to cook asparagus in the simplest way. My friend suggested to me to cook it with garlic and butter and add a bit salt to taste. I did per suggested and added carrots for some colors.

While preparing the ingredients to cook the asparagus, I put the linguine pasta to cook until al-dente. After that, I cooked the cubed chicken meat which I marinated with some salt and mixed herbs yesterday.

Lastly, mixed all the ingredients with the pasta and ready to be served.

Ingredients :
Linguine pasta (any pasta of your choice)
Chicken meat

Burger King Breakfast

Burger King has introduced their new series of breakfast, the Boss of Breakfast. So without hesitation, we tried it and we conclude that Burger King’s breakfast still need a lot of improvement if they want to be as good as McDonald’s.

It has few sets to choose for this breakfast offer such as The Family, The Boss, Joe Swiss, Sunny Swiss, Big Egg-O and The Hit. All comes with a cup of hot tea or coffee and a hash brown.
burger king
The Joe Swiss is pretty nice and the meat is juicy, but the whole burger is too saucy, or I should rephrase it, the sauce is overflown because of the mushrooms’ sauce. Overall, it is nicer than The Boss. This is how The Boss looks like,
Burger King
This burger has 4 levels, the patty chicken, cheese, egg and chicken ham. It is not saucy, a little dry and a bit tasteless. Then, the hash brown is big piece but it is not crispy after we left it colds down. We did not upgrade our coffee to other types and their coffee still not comparable to McDonald’s Arabica coffee.

Keep it up and improve more 🙂