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Burger King Breakfast

Burger King has introduced their new series of breakfast, the Boss of Breakfast. So without hesitation, we tried it and we conclude that Burger King’s breakfast still need a lot of improvement if they want to be as good as McDonald’s.

It has few sets to choose for this breakfast offer such as The Family, The Boss, Joe Swiss, Sunny Swiss, Big Egg-O and The Hit. All comes with a cup of hot tea or coffee and a hash brown.
burger king
The Joe Swiss is pretty nice and the meat is juicy, but the whole burger is too saucy, or I should rephrase it, the sauce is overflown because of the mushrooms’ sauce. Overall, it is nicer than The Boss. This is how The Boss looks like,
Burger King
This burger has 4 levels, the patty chicken, cheese, egg and chicken ham. It is not saucy, a little dry and a bit tasteless. Then, the hash brown is big piece but it is not crispy after we left it colds down. We did not upgrade our coffee to other types and their coffee still not comparable to McDonald’s Arabica coffee.

Keep it up and improve more 🙂


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