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Pan-Fried Tofu

Pan-Fried Tofu

It is the most simplest way to cook tofu(beancurd) and keep its original taste of the fresh soy beans. I bought the beancurd from the wet market. I used the square beancurd instead of the siliken tofu or Japanese tofu. This squarish beancurd is a little hard by the outside and it is silky smooth inside. It is great to be pan fried or steamed with light soy sauce with dried shrimps.

For pan-fried, I cut the beancurd into smaller pieces, I divided it into four slices forecast beancurd and just placed into the non stick pan and let it slowly fried until it turned into golden brown color on both sides. I didn’t add any oil into the pan. Also, I didn’t add any salt on the beancurd, just right to taste the fresh beancurd. It is a very healthy cooking style.

Ingredients :
Squarish beancurd


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