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Yong Tau Foo

Yong Tau Foo

During the recent potluck at my friend’s house, I prepared the Yong Tau Foo for dinner. At first, I just wanted to buy from the wet market instead of making it myself but it was sold out. So, I bought the raw materials such as fish paste (big one) which costs about RM15.00 for 600gram, the bitter gourd, tofu and tofu puff and prepared it myself.

Now I guide you how to prepare the fish paste before start stuffing the fish paste into the bitter gourd or tofu puff. I added extra ingredients into the fish paste which consist of kau choy (Chinese chives) and chopped garlic.Some people prefer to put salted fish, minced pork and water chestnut. This makes the fish paste’s texture better.

To mix the fish paste with the chopped garlic and kau choy, I add a bit water into the fish paste and start stirring. As you stir, you will feel the fish paste is getting thicker, you can add a bit water but not too much. You can add some white pepper.

For the tofu puffs, I poach it in the water to remove the excessive oils and it is half-cooked before I start stuffing the fish paste. I think if you want to poach the bitter gourds in the water, is alright.

After finishing, heat up the pan, add some oils and put the tofu puffs and bitter gourds into the pan to fry them.

Fish Paste
Chopped Garlic
Kau Choy (Chinese chives)
Tofu Puff
Bitter Gourd
White Pepper


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