Kim Zen

Kim Zen, Mid Valley, Malaysia.
I went to Mid Valley yesterday and spent my lunch at Kim Zen. It said to be affordable restaurant in Mid Valley and yes, it is. However, the taste is so-so. It is better you spend a bit more somewhere else. Kim Zen is a sister outlet to Kim Gary.

The only dimsum I liked was the barbecue chicken bun (char siew pao) but it is a little dry. It is not a choice for HK style char chan teng.

We ordered a bowl of dumpling soup noodle. It does not come with cheap price and the ingredients are very little. They give two medium small size of dumplings and half an egg. Imagine you have to eat the whole bowl of noodle with just 2 dumplings and half an egg and the soup broth is nothing fantastic.

I have no idea why me and other patrons are here…
Perhaps, this is one of the restaurants that has no queue during lunch hour. Improvement is greatly needed on their food quality and the range of the drinks. Cheap yet not worth a penny.

Address: G(E)-013, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Rating: 1.5/5. The points are given to the barbecue pork bun and no-need-to-queue restaurant.


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