Round Market Tampines Prawn Noodle

Round Market Tampines Prawn Noodle, Singapore.
The pork rib prawn noodle is sold out. The soup broth smell was great on the day before when I visited this food court during lunch time for the Sarawak Kolo Mee. The queue was long too during that time. My colleague and I believe the noodle must be great too, judging by the smell, queue and people sitting around the area are either eating prawn noodle or kolo mee.

So, I tried this stall with my colleague on his last day. It turned out to be a bit disappointed as the soup broth is not fantastic as we thought. But I am not sure, it is because it is not pork rib prawn noodle. The ingredients and portion of the noodle are generous. It gives 3 prawns and plenty of pork meat. Still good and worth to try. Wish to have a time to go there try the pork rib noodle.

Address: 137A Tampines Street 11, Singapore.
Rating: 3/5. Delicious, tasty and generous with ingredients. Slightly disappointed with the soup broth, maybe will try one more time.


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