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Siam Kitchen

Revisited NEX in Serangoon sometime ago to meet up with a friend there. And, we went into this Thai restaurant, Siam Kitchen to give a try on their food. The crowd in the restaurant was so-so only and the service was quite bad. I am not sure whether they are short of workers or there is some reasons for not able to serve food fast.

Mango Salad as our appetizer. It is quite delicious and appetizing with the sauce they used.
siam kitchen
Next, we both ordered the Pad Thai as there is not other nice food that I would like to try. I was looking around for the Thai basil chicken in the menu but in vain. It tastes normal only and the portion is pretty generous. I could not finish it all and it gets cold pretty fast.
siam kitchen
Lastly, we have ordered Fish Cakes too which are quite delicious. Do dip it into the sauce before eating it.
siam kitchen
Address: NEX. 23 Serangoon Central #B1-76/77, Singapore.


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