Chee Cheong Fun

I bought some chee cheong fun from the supermarket to try. It is not a good choice as we know it is not going to be as fresh as those from the wet market. I tried to make the steamed chee cheong fun using my electric lunch box. I put in the vegetables and fishballs in the miso soup base in the bigger container and the chee cheong fun on the top container. Then, steamed it until the soup is boiled and ready to be served.
chee cheong fun

Mixed Herb Chicken Fillets

I bought a chicken breast meat from the supermarket and divided it into two sets. One of it I marinated with salt, spices and mixed herb and another batch, I marinated with salt and light soy sauce.I marinated them overnight before I cooked them. The chicken fillets are easy to cook, just heat up the pan with some olive oil and place the fillets on the pan. Let it fry until it turns a little golden brown. It is better not to over-cooked your chicken fillet as it will become dry. If not mistaken, it took about 10 minutes to get it ready since my fillets are not thick and big piece. Do try it out!
chicken fillets

Fry Bitter Gourd with Egg

What to do with remaining of the bitter gourd?
You can try to fry it with egg which some people say it can cover up the bitter taste of it.

If you do like the bitter taste, you can stir-fried the bitter with carrots and meats. While searching some recipes on bitter gourd, I come across this writer who wrote, “A Chinese chef that I knew told me to pick bitter gourd that has wide ridges, then it won’t be that bitter”. –
bitter gourd

Bitter Gourd Stuffed with Fish Paste

The second dish you can make with a bitter gourd is the yong tau foo using bitter gourd and fish paste. You can find this from the stalls which sell the yong tau foo in the wet markets, supermarkets and food courts. You can make it yourself by getting the fish paste, bitter gourd and beancurd from supermarket. Maybe it just costs about S$4.00 for the ingredients. Then you can make a plate full of young tau foo. You do not have to use the whole bitter gourd, maybe just one third or half of it.
bitter gourd

Bitter Gourd Soup

I bought a bitter gourd from the supermarket which costs me around S$1.40 and I can make a few dishes with it in few days. One of it was the bitter gourd soup.

Simple by following the recipe online and my version was pretty simple. All I prepared was one third of the bitter gourd, cut some carrots, marinated some cubed chicken meat and some wolfberries.
bitter gourd soup
When the water boiled, put in the bitter gourd and carrots and brought to boil again. After that, put in the chicken meat and the wolfberries and boiled again for another 15 minutes or so. It is so simple, right? Do try it out if you like bitter gourd.

Ikea Restaurant

It is another impromptu dinner call with a friend who suddenly texted me asking if I wanted to have dinner together. Without hesitation, I accepted the offer and I did not have to think what to cook for that night. However, we have to think what to eat for that night. It is pretty hard for us to think where to eat when we want to meet at the middle point of our locations.

Yea, I guess many people find it hard to date me when I tell them I am from far East of Singapore. O.o

After few rounds of chatting, thinking and suggesting, we came to a conclusion, Ikea Restaurant where my friend has to come to my area in Tampines. It was still puasa month, so expected the crowd and the long queue. Luckily, it is very easy to locate my friend and we start ordering food.

Poached Salmon with vegetables
Whenever, I am eating outside, I will try my best to pick fish or salmon as my main dish as these dishes hardly being cooked at home by myself. It comes with some creamy sauce. I quite liked it as it is simple, healthy and good taste.

Pork Ribs with Fries
It looks great in the picture, it is juicy, tasty and yummy. I do hope my friend tastes the same as how I describe.

Swedish Meatballs
It is something that we should not miss out when eating at Ikea Restaurant. No matter how many pieces it is, surely can finish it. It is so rare for me to eat meatballs.

Oh, do not forget we have a dessert at the background. I do not know what does it call… However, it is rich with chocolate, sweet enough to wash out all of sadness in your eyes, hahaha 🙂

Address: 60 Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore.


Another try at Chabuton restaurant with a friend after the heavy rain in the evening. It is great to have a bowl of popping hot soup noodle. The service is quite fast during the dinner’s peak hours. I do not mean they do not have crowd during that time, just that they prepared the food pretty fast.

Unlike the first visit, where my friend and me ordered a table full of food. This round, we keep it simple and just ordered to feed our stomach.

Chabuton Tonkotsu Ramen
Still maintaining it previous quality where I like to have a lot of minced garlic, sesame and I add on with some fried onions. The ramen serves with a big piece of char siew (on top of the ramen).
Address: 10 Tampines Central 1 #02-09/10 Tampines 1 Singapore.

Steamed Chicken with Wolfberries

Steamed Chicken with Wolfberries

I am using the Yoei electric lunch box to steam the sliced chicken with wolfberries. It is simple by marinated the sliced chicken beforehand for about 30 minutes to an hour after defrost. While cooking the rice using the electric lunch box, I put in the chicken with a little water and some sesame oils. Let it steams for 15 minutes or when you see it turns white. Happy cooking!

Black Canyon

I visited Black Canyon in a few occasions and tried their Tomyam soup noodle and Thai Basil Chicken rice set. Both are delicious dishes.

Seafood Tomyam Soup Noodle. It has a strong tom yam taste  and comes with Thai vermicelli. The texture of the noodle is slightly different than the normal vermicelli that we get from supermarket. The seafood ingredients are so-so only, whole bowl of noodle fill with tom yam soup.
black canyon
Thai Basil Minced Chicken Rice Set
I am trying to look for the Thai basil minced chicken rice which I tried in Bangkok years ago. It is still not the same as it is less spicy and missing the “umph” from the dishes. It comes with a simple meatless tom yam soup.
black canyon

However, it is still one of the restaurant you can give a try as their menu has wide range of  food and drink selections.