Chung Wa Dae

Chung Wa Dae Korean BBQ Restaurant
It is my last 2 days before I leave Malaysia. My friends asked for a dinner together before I leave. So, I told them to have dinner after my class in CyberJaya. They suggested to go to Ampang. The restaurant we supposed to go has been closed down and we went to this restaurant.

It is raining before we reached this restaurant in Ampang. Abundance of side dishes with soy bean soup. Additional, we order the naengmyeon, 냉면. I forget to take the picture of the main grilled meat we ordered. We could not grill the meat ourselves as they limit to grill from outside of the restaurant.

We are just too hungry to eat all our food without taking the pictures. All side dishes can be refilled as many as you wish. Most of them tasted alright and it is okay to refill them. The grilled meats are slightly less, maybe we should not order the combination set. The food we had is just enough and we are not too full.

Address: Lot B1-1, Boulevaed II, One Ampang Avenue, Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2, Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia.


A random lunch with colleagues and we ended up at Tonkichi which my colleague said it is the best in Tampines. It was my second time being here if not mistaken. My first time was with my “fans” for lunch too. It was a great moment spent back then. I miss them so much.

The interior and environment of the restaurant are great and relaxing. The place where we sat was quite quiet too and left us having a great moment together for a wonderful lunch.

I tried the daily lunch set as it is the most easy one to choose without having to think so much. It is a salmon set. For other set meal, you can refill the salad. It goes well with the peanut sesame sauce.
The set meal is delicious and tasty. It is a satisfying lunch meal with some side dishes including chawanmushi, pickles and desserts.

Address: #03-26/27 Tampines Mall, 4 Tampines Central 5, Singapore.

Ssikkek BBQ

I have forgotten what was the occasion that my friend asked if I would like to have dinner together. It was in June 2015, we went to  Ssikkek BBQ, a Korean Grilled BBQ restaurant which is located at Thomson Road. I took the Novena MRT to its nearest station and went up to the restaurant to meet up with my friend who was waiting in line. The restaurant was full house and we have to wait for about 20 minutes before getting our table.

It is a buffet dinner style and it has a wide range of meat selection. My friend cannot eat chicken so we took beef and pork most of the time. I think they have lamb too. While waiting for my friend to get all the ingredients, I took the pictures of the restaurant.

When the ingredients laid on the table, we started to grill all of them one by one.

Of course we had a good chat on that night too. I am glad to have my friend around all the time to talk with me and share my ups and downs in my life in a foreign land. Thank you so much.

Address: 101 Thomson Road, #B1-14/15/16 United Square Shopping Mall

Big Breakfast

Making my own big breakfast at home on a lovely Saturday before leaving the house to meet my friend later in the afternoon. I was a little big shock to see my wholemeal breads grew some fungus on it after expired for two days.

To play safe, I removed the affected parts and placed it on the hot pan to toast it. Sorry, I do not use toaster. After about 3-5 minutes, I removed it from the pan and placed my ham on to the pan and spring some mixed herbs on top of it to make it more aromatic.

And, lastly I fried an egg. Tada, my big breakfast is ready,

It can simply safe me S$3-4 for a breakfast outside.
Happy Saturday.

Tampines 505: Lou Shu Fen

It is getting rare for me to walk to Tampines 505 food court to have lunch for the past few months because the weather is hot, the food court always a lot of people and I am making my own lunch box to office.

When I suddenly think of eating lou shu fen, I asked my colleague where did he eat his lou shu fen last time. We went to the Tampines 505 food court together and he helped me to order the normal dry lou shu fen with chili sauce. It has to be with chili sauce as they are going to put ketchup on it in which I feel it is super weird to eat with it.

While we were eating half way, our fellow colleagues from IT team joined in and we continue on the other table after eating our meals because the table we were sitting was non-smoking area. Sorry, second hand smoke is not my dessert of the day.

Address: Blk 505 Tampines Central 1, Singapore.

Steamed Chicken with Silver Anchovies & Salted Black Bean

Steamed Chicken with Silver Anchovies & Salted Black Beans.
A simple steamed dish you can do with electric lunch box. I marinated the chicken with little salt and sesame oil before mixed the silver anchovies and black beans into the upper container to bring it to steam. Since we are cooking chicken, it is quite fast to cook so do not need to steam it for long, you can just put in the chicken when it is about 10 minutes before your rice is ready.


Mocha with Honeycomb Frappucino. It is a new drink for the month of August 2015 when I went to visit the Starbucks to redeem my birthday’s cake. Starbucks is still honouring their loyalty programme where cardholders can redeem a choice of his/her choice during the next visit with purchase of a drink.
And yes, both are free food from Starbucks.

The donut as usual sugary and it is not my liking to eat so much sugar. The cake of my choice this time is Raspberry Cheesecake. The cake is very sweet else it will be a sugar rush for the day. It goes well with my drink. The drink itself is just normal mocha that we have, and honeycomb is the one which makes it sweet.

Happy birthday and thank you.

Eight Ounce Coffee

I was in Mid Valley when I returned home recently. It has been quite a long time I did not visit Mid Valley. Funny thing is when I was working in Mid Valley, I did not find it interesting to explore the place as I went there 5 days of a week. Now, I miss the place so much. The food and the convenience that I enjoyed while working in Mid Valley except the poor transportation arrangement.

Another cafe in Mid Valley, the Eight Ounce Coffee cafe’s drink selection is pretty limited and so does its seating because it is located at the corridor between Mid Valley and The Gardens Mall.

As usual, I ordered the coffee Latte and nothing much to shout out here. For hot drink, they serve us with a cup of plain water too. My friend ordered a cake, Oreo with Mint.

Address:  The corridor between Mid Valley and The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


I was at KL Sentral to meet up with my friend who sells some kuih raya (cookies) and after that I walked around the newly built Nu Sentral and just stopped by at the cafe called JENERIS By Ahren which is located closed to the LRT station. There was some crowd when I visited the cafe and most of them were having breakfast.

And again, I am not sure what to order so I asked them to recommend and I got Rose Latte. I personally like to drink latte, however Rose Latte tasted slightly bitter to my taste bud. It is okay to be a little bitter for coffee but it is still not my cup of coffee 🙂

No complaints as I was their to borrow WIFI at expensive price.
jeneris by ahren
Address: Lot CC-14, Concourse Level, Nu Sentral, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Coffee Amo

I was being introduced to this coffee cafe by my friend when I return to my home country some time ago. It is located at the Chinatown Kuala Lumpur Jalan Sultan, at one of the main street off the Petaling Street. The shop is located at the first floor, so you are going to climb some stairs up before reaching the small coffee shop.
Coffee Amo
They have quite wide range of coffee and teas for visitors to choose and they do offer food as well. I was not sure what to try when I was at the counter and busy taking pictures.
coffee amo
They suggested me to try their signature’s coffee. I cannot recall if I ordered the Sweet 13, Rose Garden or the Ocean 11. However, they make the 3D art on top of the drink. It is their gimmick. My personal opinion is the coffee taste same as any normal coffee, sorry but seriously I could not tell what the different between the three signature’s coffees except maybe the Rose Garden has the rose bud taste and probably you might have some rose buds in your drink.
coffee amo
coffee amo
Priced at RM13.00 at the time I visited the cafe, it is indeed an expensive drink if you would compare with the Starbucks or Coffee Bean with I think their regular size is bigger than this.

For food, we ordered some cakes and a pie to share as lunch. The food is pretty delicious.
coffee amo

The positive side of this cafe is the interior designs on the wall. The noise level in this cafe is pretty high, probably because it is small cafe and look quite crowded during the peak period.
coffee amo
coffee amo
Address: 1st Floor, 54, Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia