Menya Musashi Japanese Ramen

Menya Musashi Japanese Ramen
It was my second time visiting to this Japanese restaurant. I was not very hungry so this ramen portion was just nice to fill my stomach and complete my craving for dinner. This time, I tried the black sauce with garlic and onions and I chose chashu Ramen. There is a different between small and big as you can see in the picture below.

The close up of the two noodles,

This restaurant is said to be a famous Japanese Ramen restaurant in Japan. I am glad to have tried it for twice. Both of my experience eating the ramen were good as I liked their ramen soup. I have not tried the spicy red sauce yet, however, some reviews said it was too oily. To eat healthy, it is still white soup the best choice.

Address: #04-02, Tampines Mall, 4 Tampines Central 5, Singapore.


The Wonder Kafe or Wondermama is located at the Avenue K, near KLCC, Malaysia. I went there for late lunch with a friend quite long ago and now just realised that I did not write anything about it. Since it has been so long ago, I could not remember much of the taste of the food and the names too. Just able to share some great pictures of the food that we tried together.

The entrance of the cafe is nicely decorated and it is nice to take pictures there.

They used some of the old styled or designs utensils and decorations.

That made it because a little unique and people can experience some old taste. We ordered the Iced Tea, and they served in this old designed mug.

For food, this is called Mee Siam which is fried meehoon with some chicken fillets, eggs and vegetables. My friend was having it for her lunch.

We ordered two desserts which one of it I pretty like it, the Waffle Vanilla Ice-cream with Sliced Banana. It is very filling if not mistaken.

The other dessert that we tried was a dessert with marshmallow.

It is a really great to have tried few different desserts when you have a partner who likes dessert! If you happened to be at Avenue K, you can try out this cafe and share with everyone.

Address: G-6, Ground Floor, Avenue K, 156,, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Fish & Co

Fish & Co, the seafood restaurant that serves mostly all the seafood cooks in Mediterranean style, according to their website. Besides seafood, their menu includes chicken too.

Some introduction copied from the hungrygowhere’s description,
…the simple practices of South African fisherman; who caught seafood fresh from the seas and cooked them immediately in the pan.

It was a busy and tiring day on the 18th September. There has been a lot of things happened on the same day and I called for dinner with 2 other colleagues as it was dinner time when I wanted to leave the office.

We took quite sometimes before we placed our orders. We ordered the whole restaurant! We ate like a king and queen.

I ordered the Grilled Salmon came with 2 side dishes of my choices, the rice and coleslaw. I did not like the rice, it is not my liking but I would not waste food, still finish the rice. The coleslaw is same as any other coleslaw. Maybe next time can try mashed potato. The grilled salmon tops with customised lemon sauce. It is best to eat the salmon fast as the pan gets cold quite fast, then salmon will not taste good. The soup of the day is seafood/fish chowder. Nice try as I top up with purchase of a mocktail, Lychee Mojito. Oh, not to forget the fried calamari. Perfect dinner!

Address:  Tampines 1 #04-11, 10 Tampines Central 1, Singapore.


A&W do you miss them?
The Coney dog is one of my favourite in A&W menu. Although it looks simple, the crunchiness of the hotdog whenever I bite through it makes me always want to try it again. And it never go wrong with the root beer. I chose not having the float because of getting the set which comes with the curly fries. The worker added in the vanilla ice-cream by accident and I got it for free.

This whole set meal can easily make you feel very filling. Give it a try if you have not because it does not have many outlet around in Malaysia.


Life is sweet, Nando’s is famous for their peri-peri sauce which go well with any meats. The spices are so nice and they offer few different spices such as lemon & herb, mild, medium, hot and extra hot. I personally like their lemon & herb, mild and garlic sauce. You can buy the sauces from the local supermarkets too.

So far, I have visited Nando’s twice, once in Malaysia and once in Singapore. Of course, the prices between this two countries are different, however, the tastes and sauces are same. I am not able to compare the portion of the food because I tried the different food for both visit.

The Spiced Cubed Chicken with Greens cooked with mild sauce. It comes with herb rice. Yea, if I know how to cook the herb rice, I think I can try to cook it at home and of course with their sauce.

I ordered another dish, the Chicken Tenders, it is same as the chicken fillets i bought from market, where we marinated and grilled and sauced before served. It gave five pieces for the smallest portion.

The second try of Nando’s is going with another 3 guys using the buy 1 free 1 voucher. It’s just nice 4 of us and we shared the cost as we’re eating the same dish. This time, I’m a big eater, I follow to order the half grilled chicken. It comes with two sides of my choices in which I chose to get the wedges and peas salads. The grilled chicken grills with Lemon and Herbs for my choice.

The portion for an half chicken is really big for my second try in Singapore. The chicken is tender and juicy, well-marinated and grilled to its perfection. I added the mild sauce and garlic sauce alternatively.
Both restaurants serve the food quite fast, waiters are helpful and the sauces are all available (self-services) to get your own sauce from the counter.

1. Jusco Maluri, Jalan Jejaka, Maluri, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
2. Tampines Mall, 4 Tampines Central 5 #01-46, Singapore.