유가네(Yoogane): The most popular Chicken Galki in Korea which is originated from Busan. You can find it in Singapore which are located in Bugis Junction and WestGate.

I bumped into this restaurant by accident. I did not know how famous it is before entering this restaurant. But hey, I have new discoveries and it is lunch time, everywhere is full with people, so does this restaurant. I went through their menu which is available on their restaurant’s wall too and decided to try the basic entry for a try.

Chicken marinated galki set with chicken meat, cabbages, potatoes and rice cakes. It is not spicy though it looks like. The chicken is well marinated. It is not small portion as it is filling and good enough for one person.

In Seoul, somehow you do not have to worry that you do not know how to cook it, the staffs will handle it for us and they are more than willing to help us up and doing the job. Now, it is ready to be served. They gave me an apron to wear before they start cooking. I do not know why…
Location: 유가네(Yoogane), 명동, 서울.


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