Xing Yun Kway Chap

It is not a usual me to travel all the way to the Tampines Round Market for a lunch. It is a teams’ lunch with 8 of us, taking the bus to the market for a try of the famous kway chap that suddenly boomed up.
They said, it was very worth for the number of minutes of waiting and queuing to get your lunch. You would definitely like it.

It takes 40 minutes for us to get our meals. They are selling it in individual portion and a group of n people sharing the dishes. We tried the $28 for four persons in the first round and we have many things on it.
Then, on our second time visiting the same stall, we ordered the same package, $28 and shared with 6 persons.
So, what is my saying? I am not a kway chap person, but this is absolutely has my thumbs up. I am okay with its spiced broth and the amount of flat white translucent rice flour noodle. The combination of soup and noodles is just nice for each serving. You will not dry your soup with noodle leftover. Best thing is I do not feel thirsty after that.

The ingredients are well braised with the spiced broth and sauce. I like the braised meat, tofu, eggs and beancurd puffs You can add some chili before eating it, for extra kick.

Address: #01-14, Tampines Round Market & Food Centre Blk 137 Tampines Street 11, Singapore.
Opening days: Fridays to Sundays, morning until afternoon.


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