Manhattan Fish Market

Manhattan Fish Market
Dinner with two other colleagues on a random night. Pre-selection was given to them and one of them chose MFM. So, we packed and headed for dinner. It was a lucky night, there was no queue in front of us and we got our table in less than 10 mins. Compared to our previous attempt, the queue was long and we ended up at Fish and Co.

Selecting a catch was not too hard and I opted to try new menu. Sorry, suddenly forget its name. It consists of fish and squid with some unique sauce on it. It comes with rice and vegetables. I chose to add on with drink and soup of the day, the beetroot. My dinner partners gave me a worried look when I chose to have beetroot and the waiter offered to change it to salads if I wished to. I still chose to try.

The soup is great, it is not bad at all. It is really a good try. As for my main dish, the unique sauce is the everything for the whole dish, without it, you just feel like eating plain-grilled seafood. And the rest is the food of my dinner’s partners.

The seafood chowder. I was told it tasted like tomato soup.

Address: #01-37, 2 Tampines Central 5, Century Square, Tampines, Singapore.


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